Statement on Mary Ellen Harrison and the accusations of being on drugs

We here at Five Boroughs Wrestling are going to release a statement on Mary Ellen Harrison and the accusations of her being on drugs because it’s causing us here a big time headache and making news reporters come after us about this. 

First thing first. We enjoy having Mary Ellen Harrison in our promotion, though, we do want her to focus on herself and not let anyone get to her with these accusations. It’s causing her to have major anxiety and breaking down at some points. Yes, there’s going to be tension. Yes, there’s going to be people not liking one another, but the best way Meagan G would say is beat the crap out of each other in the ring. Mary Ellen needs to fight the ones causing her this hell, not backing up into a wall. 

Onto the issue with Fiona pointing out that Mary Ellen’s on drugs. It was discussed once with both parties back in May. Since then, it’s reached a boiling point where with permission from Mary Ellen, we’re allowed to put out her test results before EVERY SHOW! Since Beginnings and A night in the Bronx, Mary Ellen has tested negative. Meaning there’s no drugs in her system. Also drug testing was done BEFORE Royal Crown despite those not being on the card, she also tested negative. 

Both Fiona and Mary Ellen are going to have a match at Law and Order post Royal Crown. It’s the only way to end this war, but we fear its only beginning.

5BW Managment.