Post-Xmas Chaos Injury Reports

With Xmas Chaos over and done with, there was a fair share of injuries to report with five of the 5BW fighters injured. Here’s a report on those five. 

Ariel Madden was checked for a concussion after a brutal chair shot to the back of the head. 5BW officials will be checking on Ariel and hoping she will be able to resume activity for 5BW in the New Year.

Hayley Fien needed stitches to close the wound on her head from her no holds barred match as well as checking to see if her teeth still intact. She will be resuming soon. 

Thriller suffered an unknown injury at the hands of Larisaa Johnson. At this time, he will be out indefinitely until 5BW clears him. Many believe that this is a disappointment because officials believed Thriller should’ve been on a come back story. 

Lex Collins right arm is OK after being checked, though, they also want to keep an eye on it in case something happens. Thankfully no damage has been done further.

The biggest one is Brittani Helms as she was taken to a local hospital. We did hear word from Dora Richardson that she’s up and alert, but doctors want to keep an eye out on her. The injuries she suffered was a back injury, a cut in the back of the arm, and a bruised Coccyx. They’re also keeping an eye on her neck too since they injury was nagging her since Drags to Riches. It’s unknown when she will return to action.