Fans To Decide ‘Big Love’ Match Stipulation

It seems like the feud with Christy Winters and Ariel Madden will be taking a turn come Big Love. Ever since Ariel Madden suffered a brutal chair shot from Christy Winters back at Xmas Chaos, she’s been on a war path ever since. Christy Winters, who has yet to comment on this situation, did come out after Ariel’s match against Spot Crack at New Years Party with the chair she used against Ariel, leading Madden not to back down.

Recently, Ariel Madden did send out a tweet which stated the following.

Once again, Christy Winters did not respond to Ariel’s request, but Kieran Quinn, who’s the acting General Manager while Meagan G is out on maternity leave, did grant the wish, though put it under one condition that the fans will pick the stipulation. Earlier today, we learned the stipulations which are the following

Chairs Match
Last Women Standing
First Blood Match

While the stipulations are added, officials are also going to keep an eye on this match up to see who will be moving up the ranks in 5BW and potentially become the next challenger for the 5BW Championship. It comes down to who wants this more.