Video Message Sent to 5BW Offices Ahead of Renegades Revenge

Early Today, the officials at 5BW received a video package from Christy Winters, who’s not on the card for Renegade’s Revenge after her brutal match with Ariel Madden. Here is what the controversial 5BW Fighter said in the video.

The video opens to Christy Winters, sitting on her back patio.

Hello Five Boroughs Wrestling, as you can see I’m speaking to you from my self-isolation at my beach house in lovely Malibu. I hope you are all doing well, this is a trying time for the world, so hopefully everyone at Renegade’s Revenge, give the fans in attendance a great show.

Ariel you’re welcome. Once again the star maker of Five Boroughs Wrestling has done her job. I’ve taken you from unknown upstart to the number one contender for the world title, and I honestly wish you good luck against Luciana.

To everyone else, be well, stay safe and I will see you soon.

How will Ariel Madden respond to this considering that her and Christy are in a huge feud? How will Luciana take notice of this? Renegade’s Revenge is Sunday and this could be pretty interesting.

Fans To Decide ‘Big Love’ Match Stipulation

It seems like the feud with Christy Winters and Ariel Madden will be taking a turn come Big Love. Ever since Ariel Madden suffered a brutal chair shot from Christy Winters back at Xmas Chaos, she’s been on a war path ever since. Christy Winters, who has yet to comment on this situation, did come out after Ariel’s match against Spot Crack at New Years Party with the chair she used against Ariel, leading Madden not to back down.

Recently, Ariel Madden did send out a tweet which stated the following.

Once again, Christy Winters did not respond to Ariel’s request, but Kieran Quinn, who’s the acting General Manager while Meagan G is out on maternity leave, did grant the wish, though put it under one condition that the fans will pick the stipulation. Earlier today, we learned the stipulations which are the following

Chairs Match
Last Women Standing
First Blood Match

While the stipulations are added, officials are also going to keep an eye on this match up to see who will be moving up the ranks in 5BW and potentially become the next challenger for the 5BW Championship. It comes down to who wants this more.

Everything in Five Boroughs Wrestling’s heating up

Everything in Five Boroughs Wrestling’s heating up! The shows are getting great reviews and the company’s blooming with interest from wrestlers from other promotions along with fans, young and old! Here is the Spring and Summer Schedule for Five Boroughs Wrestling where you can check out Lex Collins, Samantha Tolson-Anderson, Brittani Helms, Amy Harrison, Mary Ellen Harrison, Darian Andrews, and more.

Deadly Games
April 10th, 2020
-Queens, New York
-La Boom Night Club

5BW goes Canadian, eh?
April 26th, 2020
-Toronto, Ontario, Canada
-Air Canada Centre

May Day
May 8th, 2020
-Manhattan, New York
-Lucky Cheng Night Club

Night of Glory
May 23rd, 2020
-Bronx, New York
-Orchard Beach

June 21st, 2020
-Queens, New York
-Citi Field

Larissa Johnson Fined for Xmas Chaos Actions

After the perpetrated attack on Thriller along with an attempted assault on a 5BW staff member, officials have fined Larissa Johnson one thousand dollars for her actions

“While we are trying to figure out who attacked Brittani Helms after her match, what Larissa did was completely uncalled for” Dora Richardson said. “And to nearly attack a staff member like that? Uncalled for even more, especially when the same one was spit on back in September”

When questioned about Thriller and his status with the company, Richardson had no comment. 

Post-Xmas Chaos Injury Reports

With Xmas Chaos over and done with, there was a fair share of injuries to report with five of the 5BW fighters injured. Here’s a report on those five. 

Ariel Madden was checked for a concussion after a brutal chair shot to the back of the head. 5BW officials will be checking on Ariel and hoping she will be able to resume activity for 5BW in the New Year.

Hayley Fien needed stitches to close the wound on her head from her no holds barred match as well as checking to see if her teeth still intact. She will be resuming soon. 

Thriller suffered an unknown injury at the hands of Larisaa Johnson. At this time, he will be out indefinitely until 5BW clears him. Many believe that this is a disappointment because officials believed Thriller should’ve been on a come back story. 

Lex Collins right arm is OK after being checked, though, they also want to keep an eye on it in case something happens. Thankfully no damage has been done further.

The biggest one is Brittani Helms as she was taken to a local hospital. We did hear word from Dora Richardson that she’s up and alert, but doctors want to keep an eye out on her. The injuries she suffered was a back injury, a cut in the back of the arm, and a bruised Coccyx. They’re also keeping an eye on her neck too since they injury was nagging her since Drags to Riches. It’s unknown when she will return to action.

5BW On High Alert For A Possibly War

After the events of Trinity Wrestling’s “Bad Moon Rising”, the officials at 5BW are aware of the possibilities of Adelaide Ainsworth showing up in Madwomen Szalinski’s match against Gabe Khane. Dora Richarson, Kieran Quinn, Meagan G and Melanie O’Flynn spoke with Cecilia Ortiz and Kylie Moore about what could potentially happen. 

“Trinity Wrestling AND Five Boroughs Wrestling are both affiliated and either talent can go on their show or our shows” Richardson said. “However, we are taking the war between Ainsworth and Szalinski seriously and making sure security’s amped up for Drags to Riches if Ainsworth gets involved in this match up. I will also be talking with both Ortiz and Moore in case actions need to be taken”. Richardson ended. 

Who knows what will happen at Drags to Riches? Everyone at 5BW will be staying alert for this match up.

Statement on Mary Ellen Harrison and the accusations of being on drugs

We here at Five Boroughs Wrestling are going to release a statement on Mary Ellen Harrison and the accusations of her being on drugs because it’s causing us here a big time headache and making news reporters come after us about this. 

First thing first. We enjoy having Mary Ellen Harrison in our promotion, though, we do want her to focus on herself and not let anyone get to her with these accusations. It’s causing her to have major anxiety and breaking down at some points. Yes, there’s going to be tension. Yes, there’s going to be people not liking one another, but the best way Meagan G would say is beat the crap out of each other in the ring. Mary Ellen needs to fight the ones causing her this hell, not backing up into a wall. 

Onto the issue with Fiona pointing out that Mary Ellen’s on drugs. It was discussed once with both parties back in May. Since then, it’s reached a boiling point where with permission from Mary Ellen, we’re allowed to put out her test results before EVERY SHOW! Since Beginnings and A night in the Bronx, Mary Ellen has tested negative. Meaning there’s no drugs in her system. Also drug testing was done BEFORE Royal Crown despite those not being on the card, she also tested negative. 

Both Fiona and Mary Ellen are going to have a match at Law and Order post Royal Crown. It’s the only way to end this war, but we fear its only beginning.

5BW Managment. 

Two 5BW Fighters SHINE in Trinity Wrestling’s Battle Royal

There’s some good news regarding 5BW for once. This past week, two fighters competed in a Battle Royal to determine the first World Heavyweight Champion. 

CruZe and Lex Collins competed in this battle royal. Despite a valiant effort by the both of them, they were eliminated both 3rd and 4th respectively. Dora Richarson, who was in Toronto on vacation with her family, watched the event and said this about the both of them.

“I’m happy to see both CruZe and Lex for what they were able to do despite coming up short. I would like a good representation for my company to give a good reason why this roster’s legit with the best people on it.” 

We here at 5BW would like to thank Trinity for allowing 5BW to take part in this battle royal and look forward to working with them in the future.

Fiona Franklin and Mary Ellen Harrison both FINED by 5BW

Earlier today, a fight broke out on twitter between Mary Ellen Harrison and Fiona Franklin regarding the situation between Fiona’s strong accusations of Mary Ellen using drugs. Dora Richardson addressed the both of them last week regarding this, but it appears Fiona Franklin’s upset still, causing both her and Mary Ellen to go in an all out war. 

“It’s upsetting that my roster have to go at each other’s throats when this is not what I wanted. I understand Fiona is upset. She has that right, but in the office, I told Mary Ellen and her NOT to bring it up.” – Richardson said. “Ultimately, I have no other choice. I have to fine both of them 500 dollars and keep them separated for the time being until Royal Crown”, Richardson ended her statement. 

General Manager Meagan G chimed in and said “Let them kill each other. Fiona’s upset, Mary Ellen’s upset, let’s see who’s standing in the end”