5BW On High Alert For A Possibly War

After the events of Trinity Wrestling’s “Bad Moon Rising”, the officials at 5BW are aware of the possibilities of Adelaide Ainsworth showing up in Madwomen Szalinski’s match against Gabe Khane. Dora Richarson, Kieran Quinn, Meagan G and Melanie O’Flynn spoke with Cecilia Ortiz and Kylie Moore about what could potentially happen. 

“Trinity Wrestling AND Five Boroughs Wrestling are both affiliated and either talent can go on their show or our shows” Richardson said. “However, we are taking the war between Ainsworth and Szalinski seriously and making sure security’s amped up for Drags to Riches if Ainsworth gets involved in this match up. I will also be talking with both Ortiz and Moore in case actions need to be taken”. Richardson ended. 

Who knows what will happen at Drags to Riches? Everyone at 5BW will be staying alert for this match up.